Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sept 10_Belated Happy Birthday to Sis

Ok, before you get after me, I sent my sister an email before her B-day and Susan sent her a Jib-Jab Email. We also have not heard back as to if she has received them, so we are in a waiting stage.

We are into day 3 of our 4 days in Banff, among the many places we have been are: Johnston Canyon, towns of Banff and Canmore, and the various lakes in the area for hiking. Currently right now I am looking at clear skies. This may turn out to be the best day this week.

Let me start out with this, the road to Banff from Lake Louise was straight and easy. We took the main highway and not 93. Highway 93, scenic Hwy is a wonderful slow and meandering drive, however, we had driven it in the Jeep earlier in the week.

One of the finds on Hwy 93 was a spot telling about the internment camp during world war I. Again, it is one of those items where GOVERNMENT tells a group of citizens you are a danger, and we are here to protect you. Yea Right!

The distance to Banff was a grueling 39 miles. On our journey, there are many over and under passes. These passes were created to allow the wildlife to get back and forth safely across the Hwy and to reduce accidents.

We arrived a little early of the regular check in time of 11 AM. Our spot A50, was still occupied, so we enjoyed a short walk with DaGirls. Once it was available we moved in and settled down. The sites have a a nice front yard with a table. However what we have found with the campground sites in the national park is the location of the power station. So, one item you may want to carry is a separate 30 amp extension cable.

The town is laid out very well, with most places within walking distance (1.5 miles) or by taking the bus. This is the time to arrive, as the season is drawing to a close. The average normal temperatures are in the 40 – 50’s, so bring warm clothes to wear while you are walking in town and about. Parking has not been an issue, as we have been very lucky in locating a parking spot, and then just walking around the town.

Our time here has been taken up with the many hiking areas located close by. Including Johnston Canyon. To access the lower falls, requires a 1/5 mile hike. If you plan to go, take your time, stop and enjoy the sights as you walk AND go early. Get there at least by 9am as the parking lot fills up very quickly after that.

Among the many places we visited in town was the Parks government building, which was  built in 1903 to specifically house the many examples of animals. Along with the Fairmount Hotel, and golf course which is a gathering place for Elk this time of year.

We were very fortunate to have a visitor within camp on Wed. morning. A single bull elk came thru bugling. Susan was able to grab her camera and capture him on video, as he was searching for lady friends.

Our plan for our final day (Thursday - 10th) is to seek out the cave, gondola, Fairmount Hotel (Very Old and Classic) and maybe stop off at the golf course in the evening. Golf? Dale you’re going to play golf in Banff? No, I would never pay that much to play golf, no, we are going down in the evening to watch the Elks play golf. I mean, what do you think Elks do in the evening? Frolic and dance?

Ok, for those of you, who may travel in the area and need propane, there is one place in Canmore which carries propane at a good price and easy access. Example, to fill out spare BarBQ tank cost us $16.00 CA.

As Susan would say "SeeYa"

From DaGirls Della and Tilly