Friday, September 4, 2015

Sept 4_Wrapping up Jasper National Park–Wapiti Campground

Ok, so DaGirls are wrapping up their time in this part of Jasper National Park and heading south to Lake Louise/Banff National Park.

Well before I get started, Jasper NP is in the Canadian Rockies. Similar to the Colorado Rockies, except for the fact that Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff are all part of the Rockies and are National Parks.

To travel on the highway thru the National Park requires a fee to be paid. You can get a daily, family or even an annual pass including one for seniors.
There are no Off road trails and camping is only allowed in specific campgrounds, Jasper seems to have the most campgrounds. If you plan on coming to ensure a spot with electric, I recommend reservation be made.

We arrived in Jasper on Aug 31, located a spot that was suitable to us and proceeded to setup. Once completed off we went exploring. Jasper is also a town within the National Park, and like all tourist spots prices are a little higher. The first thing you might notice as you arrive in town are the high fences around the trees. With the abundance of animal life this is the only way of keeping the trees safe.

As for things to see besides the town, there are many hiking trails, Jasper tramway, Lake Cruise, The Disappearing Lake, Maligne Lake and various waterfalls. Most of them are easy accessible. i.e. meaning a short walk for most. Included with the falls are a couple that require a 2.1 KM (1.2m) hike round trip. The hikes are easy if you walk 1 mile a day. Just take it easy.

Many of our photos came from the various falls which Susan and I enjoyed. Some of the Waterfalls names are;Sunwapta and the Athabasca Falls.
One of the more unique items are the many Hostels located inside the park. The Canadians and Europeans have a better sense of adventure: Take off for 1, 2 or even more months and just travel. While the young Americans are afraid to leave the city and get out in this wonderful country (IMO).

While we were heading to Maligne Lake we picked up 3 hitch-hikers. 1 worked in the park, 1 was on a 7 week vacation and another was traveling before going back to get his masters in Math. All 3 met in the Hostel in Jasper and were heading to the lake for a boat ride.

Once Susan and I were alone, we discussed if we knew what we knew now. Both of us would have worked for a Cruise Line. What a wonderful way to see the world and get paid for it.

Anyway back to my report, we awoke up early in the morning to fog and heavy mist:

Before long is was time to start heading south to Lake Louise (Sept 3rd).  Along the way were many discussions including HOW HIGH ARE WE and were are these Ice Field Glaciers I have been hearing about? 

With Columbia Icefield Glacier being at one of the highest sections of the highway at over 6000 ft. So be prepared to keep it in 3rd gear while going up and take YOUR time going down.

I kept asking Ice fields in Summer? Come on it gets too warm, but as we were heading south, this is what Susan capture:

As we arrived at the Columbia Icefield Glacier Visitor Centre, Susan captured some awesome photos of the Glacier itself. What you see are people hiking the Glacier and the vehicle which takes them there.

As Susan would Say “SeeYa”
Sept 3_Ive Fields_DaGirls Profile

DaGirls Rv: Della, Tilly, Susan and Me.

Do you notice anything unusual? I’ll give you a second…….Times up. Do you see the heavy jackets we are wearing. Susan’s is her WINTER coat and mine is just a heavy jacket.

First it was the wet weather in Jasper, which we worked with/hiking in. Now that we are in Lake Louise, the temperature is in the mid 40’s. So, we have our coats, hats and even gloves sometimes. I think fall has fallen and it is moving to the winter season. By the way, the rain in Jasper was snow on the mountains.