Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sept 16–Calgary and Relatives

So, we landed in Calgary and met up with Wayne Moore, who is a cousin of Susan’s. Seems there were 4 brothers and 2 sisters, born to Albert Moore, with Susan’s dad being the youngest (10), when his father (Susan's GP), decided to move back to the USA. Being the youngest, he had little choice in this decision, whereas the others decided to stay in Canada to work and raise their families.

Susan has been conversing with Wayne and Norma about swinging by and having a small family reunion. This is the reason we are still in Canada. They mostly live in the Calgary to Red Deer area (north of Calgary) and surrounding Alberta.

We landed in the Wal-Mart off of Yankee Valley Rd in Airdrie. Level spot, grass in front, some road noise but quiet at night. We spent 4 days here visiting and chillin back a little, especially since it rained on Sunday and Monday. But we were warm and healthy.

Oh, before I forget, the CO-OP carries propane and has it at a good price, so if you see one check it out, even disconnect if you have to and fill up.

We spent Saturday in downtown Calgary along with Wayne and Louise,both cousins.
We could not have wanted better tour guides for this small excursion. We tooled around until we landed at McHugh Bluff, 
which overlooks Calgary. We left the jeep there and proceeded to walk down and around.

The only way to get up to down is via the stairs. Which is also where all the exercise buffs walk, run up/down them. But once, down, the only way back up is those same stairs.....huff, huff, huff.

Once down we were introduced to Calgary on foot, which is the only way to see it or on a bicycle. We went into China town, saw the cultural center which was having a Mexican day inside. Just had a really good time and day in the sun.

Louise, Susan & Wayne

We left Calgary on Tuesday and traveled the 70 miles or so to Olds which is north on Hwy 2. This is where Alvin and Gayla live, Wayne’s brother. So we are now parked (dry camping) in the front yard, which just happens to be on 17 acres the house sits on.

So currently I am in DaGirls Rv with the outside temps in the mid to Hi 30’s, chance of rain but will be in the mid 50’s today. Rain is also helping clean DaGirls Rv a little.

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys 

From DaGirls and us