Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sept 22_Traveling thru MT and WY

We left around 7:30 this morning with a stop at the Flying J for fuel and propane. Headed east on I-90 and then switch to I-25 at Buffalo, WY.

I started the drive the first 90 miles and then started looking for a pull out to switch. Wasn’t much of a pull out, but enough to switch, have breakfast and let Della and Tilly out for a walk. All in all this lasted about 20 minutes as we just take our time.

The day before during our travels, check out what we found out in the middle of nowhere in a grocery store at the intersection of 2 roads:

We found an Amish grocery store filled with goodies.

Once done shopping and eating our ice cream,  Susan slipped in the driver's seat and off we went. Along the way Susan kept making the comment, wow there are a lot of Prone Horn Antelope. By the time we switched driver's again, about 100 miles down the road, she must have seen over a thousand of the four legged animals, no kidding.

But at this pull out it was again lunch, snack, walk, water and hey, mom / dad don’t forget about our photo shoot. Remember you promised. Oh alright, girls, we remember, but this area is pretty bleak. Oh that's alright as long as Tilly and me are in the photo. 

Our destination was the city of Douglas, WY. About 50 miles south of Casper, WY. Where? you might ask, a little city park located on the North Platte River. Hover over the Blue for a Web Link.

Our spot for the night, Riverside Park in Douglas, WY.

We settle in about 3 o’clock after taking on fuel, OUCH diesel was $2.74/gal. What a jump from MT. prices. But it is still Way below $4.00/goal.

While DaGirls rested in the grass,

I settle down to get rid of the bugs off the front of DaGirls Rv. I started cleaning DaGirls windshield and front using my special windshield concoction mixture:
Ani't she pretty!

I use a special mixture of H2O and Dawn Dish soap and a window squeegee. Lots of H2O is the key to easy bug removal including the front cap.

We did manage to walk and ride around town to see the sights, or what small sites there are. Douglas, WY, seems to have made it big in the Hunting department. Seems that there is an elusive animal in the area that the town has made it’s mascot.

As you drive around town you see places, signs and statues in place. It is difficult to understand how this animal got here from Arizona. However it did, the town has embraced it and taken it to the Heart of the City. Susan and I managed to catch a photo or two of the signs and statue.

I did manage to get a night shot of the famous animal that is the mascot of Douglas:

It is called a Jackalope

               “SeeYa and Safe and Happy Journeys”
                "DaGirls Rv, Me, Della, Susan & Tilly"