Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept 22_Catching up with DaGirls

Wow what a whirlwind week, since we last posted. We have traveled from Calgary, CA to Red Deer and back into the good old USA.

We left Red Deer on the 20th and headed south, after spending a week with Susan’s first cousins from the area and her brother and sister-in-law from St. Louis. As Susan stated, we can’t let this happen again, not getting together in such a long time. So, watch out for the next family reunion.

We headed south on the QE II highway with the intent to stop just north of the Canada/USA border, however Sandra remarked that she would prefer to get back into the USA on Sunday after their ordeal getting into Canada.  With that in mind, we crossed into the USA and stopped at Shelby, MT for the night.

We left Shelby around 10 am on Monday to continue our journey south to Haslet, TX, with Sandy and Mike catching a flight out of Great Falls, MT, to head back home to St. Louis, MO. So we said our goodbyes as we departed not realizing that we would meet 1 more time while DaGirls was refueling in Great Falls.

Our goal for the day was to reach Billings, MT, where we planned to stay the night – dry camping, and then continue our journey to Haslet, TX.

Tuesday, we awoke early and proceeded to get on the road around 7:30 with a stop at the Flying J to refuel and take on propane. Diesel was $2.43 and with our $ .06 discount = $2.37/gal. Woo_Hoo we scored big time. Next we topped off the propane, paid and headed out.

Back on the road, we cross into Wyoming at 10:20 am. Making good time (62 mph or 1640 RPM) sweet spot for mileage.

One thing is nice, our communication system is up and running and providing access to phones and internet, even as we travel down the highways.
One thing I have noticed since entering WY, the highway is not as good as MT. But hey, Susan is driving while I write this up.

Currently we are traveling on I-90 heading east, we will transition to I-25 just north of Buffalo, WY. Some of you will remember our previous experience in the Buffalo area. That is where we had a shredded serpentine belt west of there in the mountains in the early fall of 2014. 

Our plan today is to reach Douglas, WY, where there is a Escapee Days End camping site. We have water, fuel, food and DaGirls on-board and we are good to go.

So, I leave you with this saying from DaGirls Rv.

“SeeYa and Safe and Happy Journeys”

From DaGirls - Me, Susan, Tilly and Della