Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 25th_On the Road to the Good Old USA

Ok, DaGirls Rv left Watson Lake on Monday morning around 7:30.
Our plan was to drive until around Muncho Lake then scout for a place for the night. Little did we realize what we were in stored for. Maybe this should have been a warning:
Aug 24_On the Road Home_0077
We hadn’t realized that Muncho Lake was in the middle of the construction zone. But it’s an adventure and we are always up to it. Along the way, we stop, we reflect, enjoy each other, discuss our values and love life.
Aug 24_On the Road Home_0075
Our first photo op, leaving the Yukon Territory and really entering British Columbia, although we would go in and out about 6 times, before really staying in BC.
Aug 24_On the Road Home_0078
As we headed south our day started out with some fog and cloudy skies: Aug 24_On the Road Home_0080
Our first chance for wildlife is when we capture this photo:
Aug 24_On the Road Home_0076We laugh, as every time we saw a sign, do we see animals – no. But this time we were in for the surprise of our life in Canada. As we were driving look what we spotted:
Aug_24_Wood Bison_8
Aug_24_Wood Bison_10
Aug_24_Stone Sheep16_
Aug_24_Stone Sheep17_
One, just one of the biggest surprises was this lovely one on the side of the road – white Butt
Our biggest excitement was a Moose:
Along the way we planned on stopping in at the Laird Hot Springs for a lovely dip.   Sorry no photos of us, but we did manage to take a few of the springs:
Aug_24_Laird Hot Spr_1
Aug_24_Laird Hot Spr_2
Aug_24_Laird Hot Spr_3
If you’re wondering if did I place a rock at the top. I’ll never tell.
Aug_24_Laird Hot Spr_4
 Aug 24_On the Road Home_0123

As you can tell we made many stops along our drive, that along with construction made for a longer drive. But since Susan and I share driving, we arrived at a spot suitable for dry camping. I believe the way to share an adventure is a willingness to not be in a rush to get to that point/place. Stop every so often and enjoy the sights. Seek out and make a point in stopping and enjoying each other’s company.

Traveling the Highways and Byways with Della and Tilly. And of course Hopper has to come along.