Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug 10 On the Road to Valdez

Ok, we arrived at the Vet in time and guess what? Della says not me, I’m not giving up any pee for this test.

So, what do we do?

The tech says we will give you a bottle, get fluid and return it, we said no problem, get her water and you can have it in 15 minutes; then she says, since you know Della, and are satisfied that she is ok, then we can pass on the test.
We thought about it, and agreed, but only if we could get a supply of antibiotic if needed and additional can food for unitary track infection. Agreed, especially since we knew she was good and in good health.

So, it was back to the VFW, connect and take off, which we did and our next stop was the Fred Meyer’s in Palmer, where DaGirls Rv had a date with a fuel pump. Diesel fuel that is. Where with our fuel saving points we paid 2.929 per gallon, yes you read that right 2.929 / gal.  We received 35 gallons for that price and then took on an additional 2.5 gallon to top off.

Then to our surprise we saw Al and Sandy on the road heading to Glacier RV park on the Richardson Hwy along with 2 other Rig of the S.M.A.R.T. group. Anyway, once done and reloaded it was off to Valdez, of course with a few stops along the way.

Our first stop, well let’s say it was not a photo op, in fact we were first inline at a construction stop waiting for a pilot car. Where we had a nice conversation and gave a donut (glazed) to the worker stopping us. What did she say……Wow my favorite.

Anyway, we continued on until we reach the Glacier on the south side of the highway, where we did take a photo op.

Aug 9_Glacier 
Plus the main photo op:
Aug 9_Della &Tilly Glacier
Once we arrived in Glennallen (half way point) we headed to our main destination ( 62.0807353, –145.4352756 ).

About 2.2 miles south of Glennallen at the highway junction.

Our spot for the night, why, you might asked? Because it is not in a park but just a quite spot.
DaGirls Spot

Along the way we spotted clouds
Susan Drove in the Rain
View in the Distance
And we have a nice view in the distance

Ok, as Susan would say SeeYa

From DaGirls and us