Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aug 18 On the Road to Haines Alaska

Ok, we left Tok right after getting our oil changed. Cost $165, not bad considering where we were. But it was easy letting the Tesoro do then me. I show we have burned over 825 gallons of diesel, which puts DaGirls Rv close to the 1000 gallons of fuel burned. Sorry, no photo ops of the area, as we have been here before.

Susan took the wheel first thing in the morning with the drive to Port Alcan (US-Canada Border).

Aug 18_Tok to Haines_0003
We did not realize that there is a no-mans land between the 2 border crossing. So, once you cross you drive about 20 – 30 KM between stations. Once thru, we made good time until we hit the construction ZONE, outside of Beaver Creek. This zone must be over 20 miles long, if not then 30. The most part not bad, but you have to maintain between 20 and 45 miles/hour if you don’t want to raddle everything. Dusty,,,, WOW, what dust and my dash cam card was full and I did not realize it, otherwise you would see dust storms arising. It is hard to decide which to drive thru, wet or dry.
We stopped at a small place in Destruction Bay for the night 15amps $12 CA. So not bad.Della and I awoke for a couple of shots:
Aug 18_Destruction Bay Dog and Man
Della and her Human
Aug 18_Destruction Bay Sun Rising 1
Sun rise in the distance
Aug 18_Destruction Bay Sun Rising 2

Aug 18_Destruction Bay Sun Rising 3
We headed out around 8:30 am with Susan at the wheel again, but this time the wind was blowing. She drove until we landed in Haines Junction, CA. for refueling and a short stop. But once on the road we headed down to Haines AK. The road is super nice and you could go at least 60 mph if the frigen wind wasn’t blowing so hard, we would have made excellent time, so we limped along about 45 to 55.
I did manage to take a few shots along the way:
Aug 18_Tok to Haines_A
Aug 18_Tok to Haines_b
Aug 18_Tok to Haines_C
We arrived around 11:30 ish and got set up.
Aug 18_Tok to Haines_DaGirls
Many of you know I have been searching for Diamond Willow, which finding Willow is easy, but Diamond is – well lets just say no luck, YET. But look what I did find:
Burl Wood Popular
This is Burl wood but it is on Popular, normally you see it on Spruce.

Aug 18_Dezadeash Lake CG

Aug 18_DaGirsl Rv Dezadeash Lake

Aug 18_DaGirsl Rv Dezadeash Lake Site 1

Aug 18_DaGirsl Rv Dezadeash Lake Site 2