Sunday, August 16, 2015

Aug 16_Tok Alaska

Back where we started our Alaska adventure.
We left Valdez after spending 6 days relaxing, visiting, seeing local sites and finding where the wildlife is. We arrived on the 11th after a nice journey on the road.
First thing we did was to take a Glacier Tour on the Stan Stevens boat. This was a 7 hour boat ride from the port of Valdez. We boarded at 10:30 with a departure of 11 am.

While we were leaving the dock we saw the Cornelia Marie and the Kodiak. Both of them are crab boats, part of the Deadest Catch on the Discovery Channel.

Once out of the harbor, it was time to speed up and head out to Sea. Once out the captain started giving us a tour of the area, before, after the earthquake and including when the Valdez Oil Tanker ran aground. She explain how and why it ran aground and the damage that the area sustained. Including all the time it took to clean up the damage.
Along the way we witness the many sights of what time had created and the wonders of sea life.

We arrived back on dock and at DaGirls RV in time to let DaGirls out as it had been 7 hours, you know who was very grateful that we had returned in time.
Among, the many places we visited was 3 museums, Peter Pan fish house, stores a walk around the docks and the local area including Old Valdez town, which was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake.

Oh by the way Valdez is a fishing town, PERIOD. So the only think to really do is bring your own fishing gear and fish from the many places along the shore, as many Alaskans do. But since I had no gear, no fishing license and the cost of a license was a little too high, I decided not to fish. PLUS fishing limits are a little different for non-residents.

So, here are some photos of what we did while in the city and area of Valdez. DaGirls hope you enjoy the photos:

Inside Worthington Glacier

Valdez Glacier Boat Tour Map

The photos below are from the Glacier Boat Tour

Many photos from around Valdez:

A video of a Glacier dying and being reborn

Amour the many wonders we saw were a she bear and her 3 cubs:

Ok, as Susan would say SeeYa

From DaGirls and us