Friday, August 21, 2015

Aug 21–Our time in Haines

Ok, we arrived in Haines with our reservation in hand to take the Ferry on Monday (Aug 24), to take us to Skagway. We had chosen this method instead of driving back out the way we had come in.

But wait, what was that we just heard? The ferry is out of service? Yep, our ferry for Monday,was now going to be Tuesday, so that meant staying 5 days instead of the 4. Hey we can do it we aren’t in any hurry are we?

Well we talked it over, weighed  the cost of the ferry ($247) Vs driving ($250) up, around and down to Skagway and decided to skip Skagway. So, what are we doing in Haines? Visiting the local museums, the Eagle Foundation Center, checking out Dalton City, where the movie White Fang was filmed, and of course on the prowl for wildlife.

Our first 2 days was filled with seeing a Grizzle bear and 2 cubs which we spotted near the mouth of the Lutak Inlet to Chilkoot Lake. Seems there are about 4 to 7 pairs of cows and cubs in the area that make the area home this time of year. Reason is there is a Weir (counting system) Salmon bridge across the inlet. This allows the game and fish to count the salmon heading upstream.

Well it also allows the bear to sit in the water and just have easy pickens for snacks. Of course it is even easier for the cubs.

Another place of interest is the Eagle Foundation Center. I have not really found its real purpose, except for educational on raptors. It does care for wounded and injured birds and releases those that can be. We enjoyed our time there learning more about the life of our national symbol.

So sit back and enjoy the photos we have taken in and around Haines. Oh by the way, if you are wondering what goes on in and around Haines ? Not much, the only industry is the 1 cruise ship that arrives on Wednesday, some fishing and the 3 small museums. So if you’re thinking nice place to move to, well unless you are well off or have a really good business plan – don’t, as the cost of living is higher and the jobs are little. The views are nice, people friendly but that is about all.  A good place for some down time to rejuvenate.

Upon our arrival and driving around we spotted this cow and her 2 cubs.
The longer we waited the more she and the cubs kept moving
No bears were harmed in the making/taking - a little wet but not harmed.

As Susan would say "SeeYa"

From DaGirls Della and Tilly