Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jun 3_On the Road to Somewhere_Playing Catch up

Ok, so here we sit, waiting for 2:30 pm to come around. You might asked yourself, what do you mean waiting for 2:30. 

We had a slow leak in our air system for a while, nothing major, but it was time to find it and repair. After spending a few minutes under the coach, I located a leaking rear air bag (passenger's side). I knew it was only get worst with time. So it was time to replace it. Being up in the NW portion of Oregon, made finding one not difficult but slow. 

After a few calls, and yes to NAPA also but none in stock and have to order it. The Freightliner shop north of  Olympia, WA, had one. We ordered it and had it sent to the one south of Olympia. Problem being we arrived 2 hrs early hoping that they could start on it early. Nope, best time would be 2:30 and less then an hour to change it out. All it takes is 3 bolts/nuts to remove and 1 air fitting and hose. 

So here we sit until 2:30, but hey, we're retired and taking a break now. So this is a good time to catch everyone up on this weeks pass events. So where do I start, from last night and work my way back. Or start from Sunday and work till now?.................Hum

Tuesday afternoon we company arrived. Ken Mathis and I have been communicating via email for the last week. Trying to see how we could get together. You see, his parents live in Tillamook, and he was visiting them for the week. Sooooo, he just said he driving to Seaside (80 miles) to visit DaGirls Rv. We are so glad he did, not only did he bring Lady, but his folks came with him. What a hoot good time we had together. We spend over 5 hours together. Talking, looking and enjoying everyone company.  But after dinner (thank you Ken for that), it was time for them to leave.

Tuesday morning we went to Astoria to visit the Maritime Museum. What a place to visit and learn about the area, including Cape Desperation. I take my hat off to the USCG service. We learned what it takes to provide service to the area in the winter. This is some of the roughest seas  in the area. Looking at the boats/ship that patrol the area you wonder why anyone would work in those conditions.

Along the way we learn about the Coast Guard ship Columbia, a Lighthouse ship on water. Imagine yourself on a ship, anchor and bobbing around like a cork in very rough seas. Every person will get seasick sooner or later, let me tell you.

While inside the museum, the bridge of the USS Astoria is inside. The bridge was donated to the museum and the museum  was built around it.

Another site we were told, was the Bowpicker restaurant in Astoria.  We were informed that we would have to wait in line, up  to 45 minutes to get lunch. Lunch consisted of Albacore and Chips. YUM. People come from all over to get there Albacore and chips. We couldn't wait to get our hands on it.

Remember the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well the photos speak for themselves. Really they do.

Yes that is what it says - CLOSED

Finally a few additional photos

As Susan Says SeeYa

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