Thursday, June 11, 2015

On the Road to Somewhere_Canada Day 2

June 11

Thursday, what a day, all ready, loaded and heading out to meet Barb and Dan to head to provincial park for a short 1.5 mi hike and picnic. This hike goes thru a series of former train tunnels, which were redone to  allow hikers and bikers the ability go thru. Bring a flashlight.

Well, started up DaGirls, pressed for High Idle, Huh what was that? Oh maybe nothing. What, it did it again. Air, voltmeter gauge goes to zero and back up. Well I guess I should go thru the whole story. But this is not a troubleshooting story, that will come later. What I thought was a Freightliner issue turned out to be a Alfa issue - actually it was our issue. In our coach, there is a Battery Control Center/Disconnect/B.I.R.D unit. It seems that the relay for the chassis battery circuit. has been going bad for some time now. What was happening, the relay was causing a loss of voltage to some major parts of the Freightliner circuit. Othello's Tunnels will have to wait, back to the Bridges'.  With the use of their phone, called Freightliner verified what I was looking for, then a call to Martin (Alfateer’s) to confirmed location of resettable circuit breakers and Dan helped me to troubleshot it to the BCC.

Folks, I am here to tell you get to know your rig, what happens when you turn that key to the on position. Listen, Watch, Assess before you do anything and then write everything down.

Ok, so what happened? With Dan’s help off we went in search of a Intellitec Battery Disconnect Relay. Now did we find a 01-00055-002, nope. But we did find 01-00055-000. Hey will that work yep with a little mod. Fired up DaGirls Rv and hey everything is looking goooooooooooooooooood.

Ok, Susan had gotten us back into the thousand trails CG for another night as much of the day has passed.  With Dan’s help DaGirls RV made a 3 point turn on the highway and off we went back to our old spot. 

Out of all this, what was the best part you might ask? Barb and Dan Bridges, how people just open their arms and house to help out. Access to the internet, phones, lunch, shower, puppies play area. Folks I am here to tell you, when on the road, know where your friends are, find your chapter members and make plans for get together’s and be open to helping others when you can.
Ok,  remember this is DaGirls Rv, as you can see Della loves it here.

Ok, our plan on Day 2 is to make it to Cache Creek about 165 miles today with many of stops along the way. What about campgrounds reservations you ask? We have none zero, nadda, zippo. Meaning the only reservations we have is for Denali, 6 nights. That’s it, caution to the wind. (and Susan ads - 4 nights reserved in Dawson City for Canadian Provincial Day)

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls 

Della                     &                      Tilly