Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10_On the Road to Somewhere_Canada Day 1

Sunday and Monday was spent prepping DaGirls Rv for our crossing into Canada. We heard that there is a chicken and egg ban. Going and coming, no chicken. We spent a day cooking up about 15 pounds of chicken, cooking the eggs and yes, Eric informed Susan about the potatoes, too. So in the 2 days everything was cooked and put away.
Susan made a list of the liquor we had on board and was willing to drink it all at the border instead of throwing it away if necessary. She had complied a folder of all the critical documents we would need and had it ready to produce.
Tuesday, we awoke early and prepped DaGirls for pulling out. Our neighbors came over to say goodbye and spring the exciting news. They had decided to make the jump and head to Alaska also. Every time they were ready to go something came up to stop them. Will this time they tossed caution to the wind, explained to their son they were going and guess what? He is now coming with them. Wonders never cease.

Wayne and Helen are nice people and really great photographers. You can tell by the photos I saw of prior adventures. Wayne was also in the aerospace field and held a world altitude record of 19,003 feet in a turbo charged helicopter, (hope I got this correct). He held if for 9 months before his partner went to 19,300 feet. Anyway, they ordered their Milepost and Alaska Camping guide and will be leaving within a few weeks.
Here's to you, Helen, Wayne and Son (Did not meet him). Enjoy your adventure as life only comes around once and you just have to go with. Hope we SeeYa down the road.

Ok, where were we, oh, pulling out and heading to the border. Even though the drive was short about 30 miles, it took us about 45 minutes to arrive in Sumas, WA. We topped off the fuel tank, saw we had spent the required minimum to get special prices on some food items and received a free spice. Along with the fuel, Susan spied propane at $1.40 a gallon. WOW, we were only able to take on 2 gallons, but listen folks when you see something like that you have to take advantage of it.

We slowly drove out and arrived at the border crossing. (Time:  10:05 am) (Note: DO NOT TAKE COMMERCIAL ROUTE). Once in line it was only a matter of a few minutes before we were talking to the Border Patrol Agent.

Good Day Sir, where are you heading?
Alaska sir.
Thank you, do you have any weapons on board?
No sir.
Do you have passports?
Yes sir, here you are
How long do you plan on being in Canada?
Only as long as it takes to travel safely through Canada at about 300 miles a day.
Have you ever been in Canada before?
Thinking real hard, yes sir in 2013, Sept, seeing Niagara  Falls.
Thank you, have a nice day.
Thank you sir. (Time:  10:16 am)

So as we pulled out, we looked at each other and said  "glad we were prepared for the worst."
Once on the road where was our first stop? Costco to pick up a SIM card for our cell phone and a few small supplies. Costco is just north about 1 mile on the west side of the highway. There is a closed Kmart next to it so we pulled in to vacant lot and walked over. We talked to Beau the Cell Phone rep inside and he suggested a Virgin SIM Card. Virgin uses both Bell and TELUS cell phone towers. So we had the best of 2 worlds.

Once we were done, we were off, back on the road, heading to our first camping stop. Cultus Lake Thousand Trails CG for 2 nights.

WE HAVE IT! What is it you ask? It is our own Yukon Legend Propane Campfire. Yes you heard correctly, the One and Only Yukon Legend Campfire. We had given up on locating one. We saw it in Desert Palm Springs, CA at a Thousand Trails CG. Spent the better part of a week searching for one on the internet, only to find it had been discontinued and the Campfire in a Can had replaced it. Seems the patent was bought out and then quietly production was stopped. Funny how good products go that way.

We have Merciers' and Bridges' to thank for helping us get our Yukon Legend. Irene found it in a small store in Canada and Barb accepted shipment to her house. Now that we have our Yukon Legend we are ready to have a fire every night. Thanks to our fellow Alfa Roadrunner members for their assistance.

A funny story about this product, Once in our possession, we first noticed a FedEx shipping label showing: Puerto Vallarta to Phoenix and then to BC. The packing paper inside showed the date Sunday, 10, 2012 and it was a Mexican newspaper. It also showed to be 48 of 146 items. So our best guess, made in Mexico shipped to Canada Via Phoenix and then quietly went out of production. Irene had found 2 remaining items just last month. THANK YOU AGAIN, IRENE.

While we are here at Cultus Lake, we are also visiting Dan and Barb Bridges, who we met in Quartzsite. We are having a great time with the visit.

But like all good things it is getting time to  pull up stakes and head north. Tomorrow we head to Othello Tunnels just South of Hope, along with Dan and Barb for a picnic  Check back every now and then and see what we have been up to.

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls 

Della                     &                      Tilly