Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hell's Gate

"We had to travel where no human being should venture, for surely we have encountered the gates of hell." –Simon Fraser, 1808.
As we were driving the scenic Fraser Canyon with its 7 mountain tunnels (Susan drove thru 6 & I went thru 1), we were in the heart of British Columbia. We came upon a sign inviting us to stop and visit Hell's Gate. 750 million litres of water travelling through a 33 meter wide passage. 
This is Hell's Gate, so named after Simon Fraser's comments during his search for a better fur trade route. Hell's Gate is poised on the Gold Rush Trail, and it contains one of the only descending gondolas in North America. This aerial tram covers the 500 Ft descent over one of the most treacherous passages on the Fraser River. 

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