Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16_Village of Fraser Lake, BC

June 16, Just where the heck is DaGirls Rv. Hum, we landed in the Village of Fraser Lake, BC. This is after leaving Lindell Beach, BC on Friday the 13th of June. We have traveled 530 miles, stayed once on the road, paid for 2 nights at the Bee Lazee RC park south of Prince George and we are currently staying at the White Swan Park, with a lake front view in the Village of Fraser Lake.
DaGirls agree within the last 2 years of traveling this would be a place we could stay for a month and be very comfortable. Even if it is dry-camping. Views of the lake, hiking in the area, laid back lifestyle. Man that's DaGirls kind of life.
DaGirls setup and relaxing
The Airport here is water
Della Seal of Approval
A little bit about the Village of Fraser Lake as reported on the Internet:
Fraser Lake is the White Swan Capital of the world.
The Village of Fraser Lake is nestled in the heart of some of British Columbia's most beautiful scenery. The area can boast of 170 lakes within a 50 mile radius and is the temporary home to over 1000 Trumpeter Swans, making it the Swan Capital of the world. It's a playground of water and natural wonderland, where you can try your luck for trout or char in the Fraser and Francois Lakes, or the Nautley or Stellako River, world-famous for its fly-fishing and spin casting. An abundance of big game, migratory birds and world class fly-fishing, spin casting and canoeing, make Fraser Lake a fabulous outdoor recreation community.
Hiking trails begin right at the Village's doorstep atop Mouse Mountain which resembles – what else – a large mouse. The extinct volcanic activity at Red Rock, Cheslatta Falls 59 km (37 miles) south and the pictographs along Fraser Lake are only a few of the area's fabulous sights.
Fraser Lake had its  humble beginnings in the early 1900's, Fraser Lake Sawmill. Endako Molybdenum Mines was at one time the second largest Molybdenum Mine in the world. Endako Mine and Fraser Lake Sawmill employs the majority of Fraser Lake residents.
Tuesday awoke to the sun peeking thru the clouds:
What more can I say about this place with a sunrise like this.
Except for Mouse Mountain, which sits within walking distance. So why is the mountain put there? Why to hike of course, least ways that is what I was told:
Of course like all trails the information is good and a little upside down:
But we manage to make our way to the summit and around, we even found the Village Christmas tree, which is place on the south side.
We did manage to find time for a few photo ops:
Of course the best shot did not could with a little shadow over us.
To all of our Roadrunner members and RV friends, this is just one of a lovely place to visit while in the British Columbia area. The visitors center has a dump, and along with the dump is water @$3 per 100 gals. All done by the honor system. Susan has already stated we would love to camp host here for a while, and guess what? They said ok with us.
The Park has exerciser equipment for enjoyment.
A Wharf to fish from of tie your boat, kayak or canoe.
New stage going in for entertainment.
Where you can enjoy great views of your rig all setup
Now what else has we been doing? Well how about changing the alternator on DaGirls Rv. On June 14th, when we arrived at the Bee Lazee RV, our belt was squeaking a little. Just enough to make me check it out. Nothing at all, but in the process I heard a little click when I spun the alternator. Nothing unusually, but after talking it over we decided to locate one in Prince George. GUESS WHAT Long Story short, DaGirls Rv uses a 22SI 130 amp. Alternator, the local Freightliner had a brand new 24SI 160  amp one for $209 Canadian. Wow, so I jumped on it and within an hour, including removing the pulley, had it all back together with the old one as a spare. By the way, the Freightliner shop even pulled the old pulley off for me, that is what I call service – friendly service that is. Hats off to them.
 Well, it is after 5pm and Della is looking at me, and well she is actually asleep like Susan is currently, but it is time for her dinner. And as I write this there is talk about rain tonight and winds coming up.

So it is off to the kitchen .
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As Susan Says SeeYa

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