Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cassiar Highway 37

Our journey started on June 18th, on the Yellowhead Hwy 16, at the Junction, where Hwy 16 meets with Hwy 37. The name for this is the Yellowhead Hwy Junction and continues to the junction of Cassiar Hwy 37 & Alaska Hwy 1. The name for that one is the Alaska Hwy Junction. From junction to junction covers 450 miles or 724 Km long.

Once on the road and heading west on the Yellowhead Hwy, we were very lucky, as we spotted a bear crossing the road. Darn it, no cameras were near or ready for picture taking. The bear was not ready either.  But we had spotted signs of life on the Hwy.

We refueled at the Yellowhead junction with diesel, and then headed north to Steward, BC. Our total for the day was 203 miles. As we were getting closer to Steward, we stopped for a breathtaking view. The Bear Glacier as it is called and on the south side of the Hwy.

As we pulled into Steward, we headed to check out the visitor's center and the 2 local campgrounds. Darn it  the visitor center closes at 4pm, but between the municipal and Bear River CG we choose Bear River. Only because of the larger lot size.

Once settled in, we headed out to seek adventure, even crossing into the USA, Hyder, AK. Funny, there are no border agents crossing in USA, only coming back into Canada. I mean where else are you going to go, it's not as if there are many roads in and out of Hyder.

But once in the USA we headed up the road to seek out wildlife. Once at the national forest catwalk, we scouted but alas, no wildlife was to be seen. After walking around, we slowly made our way back to town and what did we spot crossing the road? Why, doesn't that look like a small black bear cub? Yes it does. Eureka  we had spotted another black bear.

As we continue to seek out wildlife we spotted this one just outside the town of Hyder.


But wait, is this another bear in the Woods?

Happily, we headed back to Steward, but only to stop in at the Glacier Inn. Elijah had recommended that we should stop in to get Hyderized, whatever that was. Well we found out it was drinking 150 proof ever-clear without throwing it back out. Thanks Elijah, but both Susan & I will pass on that adventure. But we did have a glass of wine and an Alaska Beer along with a bowl of soup.

Once done, it was time to return to DaGirls Rv and check on the gang and see what was happening. We did manage to get out and head up to Salmon Glacier for photo ops and continue our search for wildlife.

This is where we came across a man who calls himself the Bear Man. He has been coming here for over 20 years and lives in a tent for the summer. His specialty is what else, Bears. 

If you end up at the Salmon Glacier Summit, stop and talk to him. He makes his living off of selling DVD's, photos and other items.

If you do go to Steward, stop and check out the museum. Spend the 45 minutes watching a video on Steward and the surrounding area. You will be amazed at the history in that small town. While we were there, they were having a garage sale along with lunch - chili and a bun complete with homemade desserts - yum.

Another side trip was going around town and checking out all the old buildings. Most of them on the historical society list in BC.  Too many to post all the photos here, but Beth, we found you and David a new place to restore;

Beth, David check it out, and it is for sale and all it needs is a little TLC.

On the 21st, we headed out to continue our journey on the Cassiar Hwy, today's stop was going to be Dease Lake, BC, where we refueled and grabbed a small bite of lunch. While we were enjoying ourselves, we decided to go the extra 93 miles to Boya Lake Provincial Campground. Originally we had planned on only going 240 miles,, but something was telling us to continue on. So onward we drove, in all today's journey was a little over 333 miles.

Funny, as we were traveling, we spied an Rv that we saw in Smithers, BC. It was Jim, Barb & Sundown, from where of all places? Prescott, AZ. They too had decided to make the Alaska journey.

As we traveled northward, we ended the last few miles in a rain shower. Once we pulled into the campground, we knew we had found our spot, we were home.

We ended up staying at Boya Lake for 2 additional nights, sitting back, relaxing and enjoying our new Yukon Legend Propane Camp Fire. Again many thanks to Irene for locating this in Alberta CA. 
Della's Seal of Approval

We awoke knowing that we had to leave Boya Lake. Our time spent here was blissful. Hiking, walking around and meeting other Alaska bound Rv'ers. So today, June 24th, is our travel day, and where was DaGirls Rv heading today? To Watson Lake, Yukon, located just east of the Alaska Hwy Junction on the Alaska Hwy. Our distance today was 70 miles from Boya Lake CG. Wow what a very long drive. So here we sit for a few days, waiting to surprise Wayne and Kathy when they arrive on the 27th.

So there you have it, DaGirls journey on the Cassiar Hwy, Hwy 37 as it is numbered. DaGirls Rv first really excursion into British Columbia. I hope you enjoyed this little update on DaGirls Blog, check back later when you have time.
 Leaving Beautiful British Columbia
And Entering
The Yukon Territory
So, Bye from Susan & Dale Traveling the Highways and Byways in DaGirls Rv.

Boya Lake & the Surrounding Area

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys 

Della                     &                      Tilly