Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 4_Susan….Dale Where Are You?

Hum, where are we? We found this lovely 4 spot private campground, located around Graham, WA. How did we find this little gem, you ask?

Well we happen to know Doug and Wendy, by the way who just happen to be members of the Alfa Roadrunners chapter. It seems many years ago they built this little place as a retirement center.

But alas it is time to move northward, as Alaska is calling and so are other Alfa owners. Today's drive is about 150 miles to Blaine, WA, where another Thousand Trails CG is lactated. While there we will visit with Mike & Rhona Smith, Alfa owners from Canada. We have enjoyed our travels these last 15 days since Susan returned from Oswego, visiting Eric, Di, Mike, Dana and  Faith, Gavin and the twins - Aubrie & Ryan.

In the last 15 days we have traveled from Sacramento, CA to Graham WA., with the last stop being here in Blaine, WA. We have stayed in 6 campgrounds, traveled 1140 miles just to to get to our jumping off point. Have visited with our Alfa Framily along the way, met 3 Alfa's who have never joined or have been part of any Alfa Framily (Susan tried to get them to join) and enjoyed lovely weather if one enjoys cloudy, cool, wet and dreary. We have and will continue to collect many photos along the way, which we will continue to post when  we can, as internet in Canada will be only at internet cafes and other WI-Fi spots.

Ok, so these last few days will be packed with reviewing DaGirls Rv, food supplies, puppies things and paperwork that is required both for Canada and USA. Our current plan is head across on Tuesday and stay in a Thousand Trails park just inside Canada.  While there we will visit with Dan and Barb Bridges for a few days, then it will be off for the great unknown.

Today was filled with slow working diesel pumps, like 20 gallons in 50 minutes? Wow, we stopped the pump and said let's roll further north and locate a faster pump. Next we had to contend with traffic traveling on 405. I haven't seen traffic this bad since we were in LA in 2007. We traveled 5 miles in what? 25 minutes? But once we were north of Seattle, traffic was STILL SLOW. Oh well, no one said life was easy on the open road, especially in this area. But we managed, with switching drivers and taking our time north.

By the way, did I mention that we had an air bag replaced along with new front brakes. Seems we had a shoe split length way which caused a  crack on the face. For a truck this one have been an out of service event, but for RV's it is a notice. We choose to replace before taking off on our big adventure.

I will do a write up along of the Freightliner location and name for our club along with RvServiceReview Website.

Stay tune for the final DaGirls Blog as once we cross into Canada, no internet until Alaska................We Hope.

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys from DaGirls 

Della                     &                      Tilly