Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st - On the Road to Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV

March 1 – Sunday

Catching up with the pass

Well, it has been a long time since I last posted. You say I must have been busy? Well not really, at least not all the time. I did get the belts on the CAT changed out along with the oil. I also did oil and fuel on the generator.
Now that I have done it, I figure 30 minutes to change out the belts and need only 3 tools to do the job. Photo shows a few more, then what is really required.
Anyway, to catch up everyone, Susan took a plane back to Chicago to be with Dana. Dana is expecting mother to be, she is having twins within the next 3 weeks. So me and DaGirls on our our own for the next 5 weeks.
DaGirls Rv, drove very well up I-17.  Especially the water temperature. The temp never went above 193 F. I also tried a new trick. Since the CAT limits the throttle to 2620 RPM at wide open throttle both loaded and Unloaded, I down shifted and get the RPM’s around 2400 RPM’s going up hill. Man want a difference.

Monday Morning

After spending 7 days at Phon D Sutton, (Lower Salk River) on Bush Hwy just outside Mesa, off of Power Rd, I loaded up the Rv, packed everything away and off we went this morning.
In case you like to see some photos of the area Press the link below:
Press Here 

Arriving on Site

I arrived around 12:17, located and setup by 1:30pm. Part of the time was driving around looking for a site. The good lord was watching over us and we found this nice site in Section H of the park.
This shows the green grass between my site and neighbor's.
One of the thing I really like about this park, it’s not a concrete jungle
Get the Picture?
The minute I rolled in, I knew I was going to like it here. Especially the chance to locate boon docking places.
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