Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 9–Leaving Palm Creek

Rolling Out

We rolled out of Palm Creek at 9am this morning headed toward Apache Junction with a stop at Western Freightliner at 202 & I-10. My goal, new belt but more important is new Air Filter for DaGirls Rv.

In and out within 15 minutes with 2 items minus $140 in the money account. But maintenance is key to keeping DaGirls happy. Plan on maintenance is air filter, belts, oil, look for a small air leak and mode to the fan shroud for ease of maintenance on the Fan Hub Bearing. Now allow with dental appointments, friends to see and a meeting at the Golden Corral of the MesaOwnersAlfaBreakfast.

We are hoping for a large turnout including owners that are in Palm Creek. 


As we arrived and headed to our spot 288, we stopped, looked and wonder will we fit? We had a choice to make, palm tree in front of the door or unable to lower the awning. We did try, and decide nope this is not working. So off to the office. We ended up being moved to  site 285 in the non-pet area.

Home, once moved in to our new lot, we setup shop, rug, awning, screens and are calling it home for 2 weeks

Notice I said being moved, first thing the neighbor behind us said that a non-pet area. Explained, then Della needed to go pee, the lady tried to stop her which, I stopped her from trying to stop Della. Funny thing, Della was on OUR lot and her company told the lady it only PEE.

So Susan was off to the office to see what site we would have when we come back – yep you guesses it site 288, so we are ensuring a better site when we come back.
Usually nothing really exciting happens in an older RV park, except for the one car, which parked in a lot. Which just so happens an RV was waiting to get into. Well after waiting for most of the day, a tow truck arrived and moved the truck out and down the street. We all stood around, took so shots and ate some popcorn watching the show.
Come back later for a few photo ops.


Tuesday arrived bright and early. So it was maintenance day. First was the air filter, figured about 30 minutes top really about 15 minutes. Re-installing the trick is to start with the right side, then strap it down and complete with the left side. Next off to the drain the oil.

I start with a 5-gallon bucket lined with 2 heavy duty bags cut down. Then tied down with a bungee cord. Since I have the  Fumoto Valve, (installed in 2007), this makes draining the oil cleaner.
All it takes in installing a short hose, start the engine and warm up. Then open the valve, and your done. Clean as a whistle. Put lid on the bucket and off to a auto store to drain. Remove the bags and you now have a clean bucket to use for later.

By the time that was done it was time to go over to Wayne and Kathy’s for a fun afternoon.

Will report in later and provide photos an update as to maintenance

Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"