Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 28 - Apache Junction

Countryside Rv Resort

It has been 20 days since my last post, where does the the fly or better yet the information go. Usually I don’t have trouble writing the blog. Especially since we have so much going on.
Susan has been in Oswego, IL Since 27th of Feb. yep, I have been batching it since Feb 27th. Dry camping at Phon D Sutton (Bush Hwy). Read a little about HERE .
I posted photos of the area earlier but in case you missed some of the sites:
I’ll post a link to more picture HERE .
Oops almost forgot, I/we have 2 new grandkids – baby A and B.
Born march 17 around 3:45ap.
photo 1photo 2
Boy Baby with Susan
A & B
I am sure more photos will follow, especially since I have stopped using FB, and may kill it finally.
Anyway back to the blog. So what have you been doing dale? Well taking care of DaGirls making sure Tilly gets  fed, maybe a pat or too and ensuring she does not get any lovin.
She’s gets it where ever she can.
Bought whole chicken the other day, sliced the dark meat and make some barbecue on the grill, and last night the rest went into the crock pot. This mornin, it is falling off the bones.

Hey, got my Yamaha generator back, seems it was just little too low on oil. Funny, cold fires right up, but after it warms up it would stop. Anyway, $49, and she’s workin fine now.

Been to Fry’s Electronic, been man trip around. This is also my dad’s favorite places to visit. When we lived together (AJ), we would make a monthly trip to Fry’s. He would spend about 2 hours walking around and looking at everything new. I can envision a road trip from Casa Grande.


Winco for special items, and one of my best places to go hiking when here – Siphon Draw Trail, located inside the Superstition Wilderness area.

Besides hiking, I have been bicycling around the area and taking some extra walks.

Anyway, back to writing, what else have I accomplished the last week. Found a roll of contact/seam tape for our cabinets, this is the closes we have locates press HERE . Dana ordered a roll, so now I can finish out the cabinet repair.

Learned how to use our washer and dryer. Of course I had to call and talk to Susan. But, seems I have been keeping up very well with the laundry.
Jim and Jacki have been coming by on their golf cart and taking DaGirls for a ride. Della just loves going with them and Tilly would go with ANYONE that pets her.

Oh got a new photo of the DaGirls Rv.
Another item, I will be showing off my new night time lighting I installed on DaGirls Rv here is a preview.
Safe Travels & Journeys
from DaGirls         "Della                     &                Tilly"