Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30_Visit from Skip & Lexie

Monday – March 30th

Countdown 5 days till Susan comes home

Had a wonderful event happen today, Skip and Lexie came to visit DaGirls in AJ from Freightliner Tollenson. They are on their way north to Cottonwood and Sedona before heading back to NV for the summer.
It was a happy occasion on one hand but sad on the other. Many of you remember Skip, Lexie and Otis (Black Lab).  Otis, went to sleep the other day and never woke up. He was only a year or 2 younger then Della and still acted like a young pup. This is the way our beloved pets should go over the rainbow bridge. In their sleep chasing, running and enjoying life with their humans.
We got to talking so long we did not get a chance to really see some of the light mods we have discussed, but possible we will get together before we both leave AZ.
Also heard that Freightliner is out to the 29th of April with appointments. That means 1 more year before I change the coolant. Well, it should be ok, hope.
Anyway, Tilly was relieved of your fur coat and always her long nails. This is the one time she did not want to leave me, when I dropped her off at the groomers. Get Over It Dog.
Susan & Denise sent me on a errand today and happy to report I found what they wanted. So added 1 more item to each basket. Looking like no photos to include with this post, Bah we don’t need no stinkin photos.
O’h by the way, if you are in Cottonwood and in need of a Vet. A big recommendation for Tumbleweed Vet. Dr. Brady and team are wonderful and I recommend them highly. So does Della.
Its’ such a nice evening we, all 3, have decide to spent it outside for a while. Della, has her bed, Tilly is watching and waiting for anything to come by and me? Me I am just writing away looking at DaGirls.
Safe Travels & Journeys
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