Thursday, July 30, 2015

On the road to Somewhere_ Homer Alaska

The Spit: July 28:

Homer Alaska, seems to be the place where everyone comes to fish. DaGirls are located on the Spit in one of the city campgrounds - just past the Fishing Hole. Dry-camping for $15, with dump and fresh water available. From this location you can walk or ride your bicycle to the end or back up. It is also the home of the “Time Bandit” crab boat, one of the boats on “The Deadliest Catch” (additional viewing and research of that show may indicated a change in that info).
So, what can you do, take a ferry across the bay to the Glaciers and hike, go fishing on a charter boat or grab your gear and go fishing in the “Fish Hole”.

This is the Fishing Hole at low tide.
At any given day, you can see at least 50 people fishing along the shore for salmon, and watching the salmon jumping out of the water.
One of the photo ops we spotted was of an eagle’s nest just off the highway:

I spotted this small bobbing head in the water during high tide in front of DaGirls Rv.
I suspect the head on the right is a Seal, and bird on the left.

I also learned that this area is the start of a water trail hike:
However, the spit is for fishing and I have seen very little of kayakers on the water.
I thought this would be a good Photo Op

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