Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2nd, On the Road to Chicken – Having Chicken?

You're having Chicken? No we're traveling to Chicken is what I said.

Today was the day, our goal was to enter (really back) into Alaska Via the Top of the World Highway. After reading the MilePost and information online (Web). I was beginning to think this was a really bad idea.

We awoke bright and early Thursday morning, our plan, get out before the caravan did. Well, the 3 lead Rv's got out really early. So we packed up and headed down to the ferry, to await our turn. We were #3 inline for Rv's not bad, as the cars that were there were the tow cars of the Rv's.

 Susan Leading the way Across the River

Their she goes - Leading the Way to Chicken

As Susan & I talked, we watch the operation, pretty simple nothing to difficult. It takes about 20 minutes per round trip. And depending on how the line is formed sometimes only 1 Rv was taken across. First come first served.

Susan was the 1st car inline, meaning if she didn't stop or she was pushed, she would be getting off sooner then she wanted to. But, everything went as planned, and off she went to the other side. Once off the ferry, she parked the jeep and walked back to wait for DaGirls to come across. Her wait time was only about 30 minutes, before I came and was driving off the ferry. All in all, it took only 40 minutes for DaGirls to cross the river.

We immediately connected up and headed out. Our first small photo was of a fox walking along the side of the road. Dash Cam, not too good and our camera was not ready. Bummer, but, we saw a fox, Yippee. Little did we realize that just 5 klicks up the road, was a good pullout on the south side, for connecting and a good photo op. 

We continue to drive west, as if there were more directions to go,  heading into fog and mist, on the Top of the World Hwy. DaGirls continued to climb sometimes in 2nd or even 3rd gear. But we knew not to rush. Why rush we are retired and there is no hurry to get anywhere.

As we drove we left the pavement and proceeded onto the gravel (hard-pack). We had read and heard of this terrible road called "Over the Top of the World". Susan and I both agree, this really is not a bad road. Would we take it if it was raining, I mean raining not a drizzle, no, as it is no different than driving on the dirt/back roads in Arizona when it is raining. There is always a chance of the water rising and getting swept off the road. People you have got to be smarter than the road.

As we continued to head west we stopped for a few photo ops even though it was low clouds. Our final photo op was the turnoff on the south side before we arrived at the border crossing. It seems some time ago at that spot, people started to take rocks and create little statues. We spent a few minutes talking to the border agent about life there and the quietness of the area. He explained this was a 2 month volunteer position during the summer which he would always take. Once you look around you can see why.

Anyway, off we went for about 10 miles on a good highway before it turned back into hard dirt. Folks the road really is good. The trick is slow down, see the sights and enjoy yourself. Pull off every now and then. Have a coffee, snack, take the pets outside, and even walk around. All in all it was a 3.5 hour trip over 110 miles. Don't believe everything you read in the MilePost or online.

Well we arrived in Chicken, grabbed a spot for camping and what did we find? Water and a dump was available.

While we were walking, we spotted a couple we had met in Dawson. We talked for a few minutes, then Andy told us of the long line to get across. It seem, there was a small mishap. A couple driving onto the ferry, he accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Well, long story short, that ended their caravan journey (towed to Whitehorse), and the ferry was out of commission of 1 HOUR. We were really glad we left early instead of after the caravan.

Slide show of our Travel to and in Chicken

We enjoyed our little excursion even if it did rain and the sun was behind the clouds. But we decided not to stay an additional day, but to continue onto Tok Alaska. Tok is the first and last stop on the Alaska (Alaska-Canada) Highway. Many people warned us, you must have reservation along the way at campgrounds. Well you will have to read all about Tok in the next blog issue.

Video Crossing the Yukon River

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys 

Della                     &                      Tilly