Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14th, Playing Catch-up or What DaGirls Have been Doing

Ok, so where are we, hum, I think we are in Fairbanks Alaska, staying at the Elks Lodge 1551. This lodge is located along the Chinn River across from downtown Fairbanks. The historic districts.

Along our way, from Tok, we stopped in at Delta Junction to renew friendships with Paul and Wendy Jennings. Couple we met in Apache Junction, who had traveled down in a Class C. Little did we realize that after our introduction and looking at Alfa Rv's, they would end up purchasing a 2004 Gold and driving it back to Delta Junction Alaska from Washington.

Of course, what is a family without a dog:

So with that they are our newest Roadrunner members and I got my chance to work on a Gold and learn about it.

We spent a few days in the area looking for Moose or is it Meese, plural? We finally spied 2 of the elusive animals but with those big ears, I was unable to get really close up shots, but I did get a couple: 

 However, on the way out of Delta Junction, look what cross directly in front of us:

The dash cam did not come close to showing how really close she was.

Anyway, we slowed down, got a couple of photos and on our way to Fairbanks, total of 110 miles. Along the way we pulled over to check out the Knotty Shop, which is really neat to look around.

Susan also was able to swat a few mosquitoes:

As we traveled along we pass an Air Force Base, Eielson Air Force Base. We did manage to capture a few shots of B-52's on the runway, but they were not as good as we can do, so here is a satellite view:

But alas, we continued on our journey to Fairbanks. I could write a page or two about Fairbanks, but you would be better informed in reading about the city yourself. We did manage to capture some neat photos of some of the places we visited:

Susan and I also got a good photo op, but less DaGirls:

along with the car accident we were involved in. Officer, it wasn't our fault. Just damage to the tray, table and the bike. So we will have to wait until later to get everything replace except for the bicycle.

Finally got my Eagle Photo

 Ok I think we are all caught up on photos, where we were, we been but not where we are heading. So stay tune for that info coming down the road.

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys 

Della                     &                      Tilly