Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Day New Place New Time

Ok, so, what’s happening. We left a day early from Denali, as Della was a little under the weather. So we arranged for a visit to a vet nearWasilla, AK. The animal hospital is 190 miles south of Denali and 40 miles north of Anchorage.

We got on the road around 7:15 with me driving. The day started out sunny and cool with little traffic. Our day was very uneventful as DaGirls Rv traveled down the road. We must have traveled about 39 miles before we switched and Susan took over the wheel and I was left in the Co-Pilot seat. Waiting, watching, wondering when the next photo op to appeared on the horizon. Waiting, watching, waiting watching……
As time goes on the mountain will create it's own weather

Wait, what’s that in the distance, is it? It’s large and cover with a white coating of something. Keep driving, let’s see if we can get closer.

Can you see it now? What is that white stuff? Is it? I think it is. It’s Mt. McKinley. Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North American, so we pulled over in a few miles to get a few closer photo shots.

 At one point on the road, the mountain was 30 miles away.

Susan continued to drive  south to Wasilla while I continued to  look for wildlife. We hit only 1 very long section of construction on the highway and guess what else i saw? Susan slow DOWN, STOP!

Susan stayed behind the wheel until we passed the Talkeetna turnoff. We were going to switch driving at that time, but missed it, so we continued driving until Susan pulled off onto a pull off behind another RV. So, time to walk the pups and  as I look around, what’s that? Why it is a painted Alfa with a trailer behind it. Next thing we know the RV park in front of us pulled out after it. It was Roger and Janice Brooks from Florida, they along with 3 other Rv’s have been traveling together in Alaska. 

Well back on the road to Wasilla, we continued on until we arrived at the Palmer Elks Lodge 1842 , which is located in Wasilla.

Yes, this Elks is located on one of the many lakes in the area. It was once a night club with a 9 hole golf course. Which it may have been about 25 years ago, as there are now many very large homes in the area. 

Our plan take Della to the Vet and get her checked out. 

Oh by the way our travel update:

Total USA Canada Alaska
Alfa Calculated 5061.00 2337.00 1997.00 727.00
ScanGauge Trip B (Miles) 5029.29 2315.30 1988.99 725.00
Receipt - Fill (Gal) 687.66 310.09 260.12 117.44
ScanGauge (Gal) 671.90 308.50 261.70 101.70
ScanGauge OffSet
Cost of Fuel $US  $ 2,377.27  $  949.57  $1,020.21  $407.49
Average Cost/Gal  $ 3.51  $2.98  $ 4.05  $ 3.47
Fuel Company
Generator Run Time Hr 20.00 0.00 5.00 15.00
Gen Fuel (Gal) 15.00 0.00 3.75 11.25
Eng Run Time (Hr) 139.35 66.45 50.20 22.70
MPG  minus GenRT 7.40 7.46 7.74 6.99
ScanGauge MPG 7.33 7.20 7.68 7.10

As Susan Says SeeYa

Safe Travels and Journeys 

Della                     &                      Tilly