Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th_ On the Road and Arriving in Tok Alaska

Tok, Tok you say, you want a TOK, No, no I don't want a Tok, we are in Tok, Tok Alaska.

Tok is the first and last stop along the Alaska (Alaska-Canada or AlCan) Highway, depending on how you look at it. This was the end of the journey for the Army construction group that built the highway. Many stories have been written and movies made telling us how and why this highway was built.  Which you can read about online or at your local library.

Our arrival in Tok was very uneventful, which is what we always like. It was sunny, yet a very comfortable temperature. We stopped (like usual) at the local visitor center to gather useful information of the area and Alaska to read up. Once that was done, it was off to refuel. Our stop, just west of town led us to a Tesoro Fuel center, Northern Energy. This is where we also got a free wash for DaGirls Rv. Susan also asked the cashier if we could spend the night in the back area. Of course, he said, as long as you want to. Not only could we stay, there was also fresh water and a dump if needed.

Once setup, chairs, puppy pads, and table out, it was time to relax and watch the show. The show consisted of various cars and Rv's filling up and getting washed.

We discussed our options for the next 24 hours, remembering that the 4th of July was the next day. Our plan, not to be near any big fireworks. As it turned out, Tok was having a parade and a celebration at the fairgrounds along with a strong man completion.

Along our journey we always are on the look out for unique Rv's and Campers

After the parade and visiting the fairgrounds, we decided to continue our long drive to Delta Junction. Delta Junction, you see was over 100 miles from Tok, but our ultimate goal is Fairbanks 210 miles away. Our plan was a stopover in Delta Junction to see our newest Alfa owner Paul and Wendy, who had recently purchased an 04 Gold. But the drive to Delta Junction (100 miles) was just too long, so we stopped at Dot Lake. Yep just 50 miles. So we stopped. Why not, we're in no hurry, we have time, so we stopped to smell the roses and in this case we were next to the lake, and found an old frontier church nearby, plus we are still hunting for wildlife.

Slide Show of the 4th of July Parade:

That's enough for now, stay tuned, same channel, different times for our next installment of live with DaGirls, Della & Tilly

As Susan Says SeeYa

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