Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28_On the Road to Somewhere_Coastal Hwy 101

We landed in Florence, OR around 12:30 on Wed. Once setup we stopped, had lunch and checked out the area. 

South Jetty RV CG is a Thousand Trails/Encore Park. Again, older and sadly in need of a major overhaul of all the sites. But, it is close and just the right price $0.00 for us. We spent the night relaxing and checking out what we wanted to see on Thursday. We both choose Old Town, Seal Cave and the Light House. 

We spent a little time walking around old town, visited a few shops and almost bought a new kite. 

I also spied a few special shots:

And yes that is the distance from Florence, OR to each other Florence.

As we left DaGirls we sadly learned that the light house was not open today. So off to the seal cave. The seal cave is a tourism place and that is ok. As we are tourist today. One thing that bother me was the counter lady kept hawking the Sea Cave saying yes there are seals inside. What she meant to say was maybe. Even when she could see the video feed from the cave showing NO SEALS. When we asked her to repeat, of course there is at least one. 

Well, we are tourist for the day and we were going to have fun. What we saw outside along the rail was still worth it even though we did not see any baby seals being born, but one can hope. We enjoy what we saw, even when we went inside the cave. 

At first we did not see anything, but we did grab a few photo ops inside. However as we were standing around and just  watching look what we spied swimming inside the cave. 

One really adventurous seal. 

From the outside of Seal Cave we did manage to see the Light House.

But we did manage to have a good road trip and a few photo ops. 

Next as we traveled back south we stop at the Cape Creek Bridge. This bridge is an arch bridge that spans Cape Creek in Lane County, Oregon, just north of Florence. The bridge carries U.S. Route 101. Opened in 1932, it was designed by noted bridge engineer Conde McCulloughand built of reinforced concrete by John K. Holt. The total length of the bridge is 619 feet (188.6 m), with a main span of 220 feet (67 m). 

The bridge resembles a Roman aqueduct, with a single parabolic arch that spans half its length. It was listed as Cape Creek Bridge No. 01113 on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005, as part of the McCullough, C.B., Major Oregon Coast Highway Bridges MPS (Multiple Property Submission). 

Ok, so what is left just a few shots of the beach, grey clouds and mist.

And finally a closing shot 

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