Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 24_ On the Road to Somewhere_Traveling to Klamath.

We have landed? or would it be parked? Anyway DaGirls arrived in Klamath CG yesterday afternoon after about 8.5 hrs. (244 miles) of traveling. Why so long? because of the many stops we made to see beautiful sites along the way on CA Hwy 101.

Along the way DaGirls Rv took a side trip alongside Hwy 101.  Avenue of the Giants is an alternative 31 mile route twisting though the Redwoods.  Initially we thought we would need to stop, disconnect the tow and come back for it.  But, alas, DaGirls RV traveled very well on the road.

Sunday was a great day to do this as little traffic even on this holiday weekend. DaGirls just took it slow – 25 to 35 mph and watched out for the trees on the right hand side. We arrived at the visitor center and low and behold there was a great parking spot on the right hand side in front of the visitor sign. Perfect spot of stopping.

We must have spent about an hour walking around and seeing the sights, as it is all about the journey. But after a while it was time to get back on the road and head north.

Once back on the road DaGirls heading north, we encounter very little issues except for that dreaded word…..ready for it? FUEL, where was DaGirls RV going to refuel? Well, guess what? We were traveling thru Eureka, CA and happened to spot fuel for $3.29. We have learned over the years not to worry about .20 difference in cost of fuel as we plan for $4.00 per gal. So we are always saving.

Along the way, we managed a stop or 2, one being on the side of CA Hwy 101 highway. We managed a photo op of the fog rolling down the hill.

Ok, so we settle in, fed DaGirls, the four legged ones, did a walk around and settled down for a restful evening. Yep restful alright, as nothing was going on.

Morning came early and up and about Della and I were. We managed to capture a photo op of the area.

View out the front window of DaGirls Rv. Lovely and peaceful.

Safe Travels & Journeys

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