Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 27_Pulling out and On the Road to Somewhere

We pulled out around 7:30 am,this morning from Verde Valley Thousand Trails Park and headed to Prescott. Plan is to fill-up DaGirls and the Jeep, pick up a prescription for Della and drop off Roadrunner stuff at Susan BFF house.

Once in Prescott, around 8:30, we took on fuel, dropped off the stuff and Susan headed to Costco, while I drove the rig to Wally world to await her return. We left Prescott around 10:30 and headed up AZ-89 to Ash Fork.
We are currently about 40 miles from a Flying J, outside of Kingman. We figured better to take on fuel one last time, before entering California. 
Diesel prices seem to be in the $3.00 range upto Sacramento. Tonight’s plan for stopping is where ever we find a spot. We should make the Mohave Desert along I-40. I spotted a few places to pull over for the night.

We just pass Willow Ranch Rd off of I-40, most of th,e area around here is cattle country/grazing land. Except for the scrub brush very few trees. Altitude here is around 4500Ft, with lots of hills for Susan to practice on.
We pulled off in Kingman to pick us the last of AZ diesel fuel at a low price. While we were refueling, we watch an Alfa w/trailer heading west on I-40, we were wondering who that was.

Once on the road we continued our journey westerly bound. We eventually got on HWY 58 and continued heading western. While we were driving we went thru a town called Hinckley. Some of you might remember the movie called Erin Brockovich starring Julie Roberts. Well that was the town we went thru.

I’m here to tell you, if you were to stop and walk around, you could feel yourself back in time. Houses were boarded up, burned down, left open and just plan desolate. Except for the road noise of vehicles traveling by. However we did not stop and take any photos, as there are enough photos on the web.

Except for this one

Anyway back to the story, we continued on to a little town call Boron. Where we will be staying the night.

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