Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26_Playing Catch-up from Grants Pass

Ok, time to play catch-up. We left Klamath, CA on Tuesday, as we had made an appointment with Henderson up in Grants Pass. Since we were heading close to there, I asked if we could swing by and get e new Bell Crank installed. I had been wanting the Henderson for a few years now and this seemed to be the best time. I saw that the online price was $430. Not the price I wanted ($380), but close enough. 

Our appointment was scheduled for Wednesday (May 27), but we were able to arrive earlier then expected. We talked with Adam and he was able to get us in.

Sean was our tech for the installation and quickly removed the old one and commenced to installed the new one.

Now don't get me wrong, the hydraulic system on the coach is very powerful, and I doubt if anyone can tell when the original one would go bad. I certainly thought mine was good.  Well you guessed it, once it was out and I had a chance to look at it and try it.  I could tell the bearing sleeves were bad and causing the shaft to bind.

So it was out with the old and in with the new one.

They completed the job around 5 ish, Susan arrived back from Medford, OR, Costco run and by 5:45 we were heading out, a little further North on I-5 for the night.

I know you are going to ask....................Can you tell any difference in the drive...............really? You're asking me something as simple as that?

Well since you asked, the answer is, it is hard to tell.

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