Friday, May 22, 2015

May 22_On the Road to Somewhere- Russian River CG

Where have we been? Well we started in Ponderosa Campground Thousand Trails. While  I was there, Susan was in Oswego seeing the twins.  On Wednesday guess who I picked up at the Airport? 

No it wasn't that person it was Susan!

With luggage in hand. Once on board we headed home for a happy reunion.  

Thursday was a travelin day as we were heading to Russian River CG just north of Cloverdale, CA. This is a very old CG, needing a lot of maintenance. I suspect, no I know we will never come back here. Sites are small, dirty, weeds are not cut. Fox tails are everywhere. 

Satellite View of the Russian River CG:

When you click on the Link above you would think it is a wonderful location- NOT.

So, back to what we are doing: We traveled down to Santa Rosa and then we found out that Charles Schultz creator of "Peanuts" lived there. We were lucky that there is a museum  dedicated to him. So we spent about an hour visiting and enjoying it.

Oh I almost forgot, on the trip to Russian River TT, we made a wrong turn and instead of driving a long way to turn around, we stopped, disconnected, turned around and reconnected and we were on the road again. Plus Susan was unable to make the exit off of I-80 onto I-5 because a car would not let her in, so we traveled a few miles out of our way and back on track. 

Safe Travels & Journeys
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