Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tribute to my Dad

Tribute this Memorial Day to my Father Errett Dallas Prichard who will be 92 in August.

In 1943 he joined the US Navy, he was highly qualified and selected for the Advanced Radar School. Once out of basic he was sent to Bliss Electrical School for an intense training in electronics on Radar. 

My mother and father

I believe the most prized possession he has is a Keuffel & Esser Co. electrical Slide Ruler. This was given out to only 10 individuals who were part of 110 graduates in his class. 

During World War II Bliss Electrical School had the distinction of being selected by the U.S. Navy as one of six engineering schools to give Primary School in the Electronics Training Program and it graduated over 3,000 students.[2]

While we were in Klamath, California, Susan and I went is search of this Hidden Gem (a WWII Radar Site). We located it along the coastal beach road, titled Radar Station B-71.

The construction of Radar Station B-71 was because on September 9, 1942, a Japanese submarine-launched aircraft dropped incendiary bombs on Oregon forests roughly 40 miles north of the Klamath River.  If you wish to read more – Press Here for Story.

Here  are a few photos POP took while on the USN Randall when he was on cruise
  1. USS Randall (APA-224)
  2. USS Randall (APA-224) was a Haskell-class attack transport of the United States Navy. She was named after Randall County, Texas and was commissioned on 12 December 1944, under the command of Captain Harold Stevens. Wikipedia
  3. Construction startedSeptember 15, 1944
  4. LaunchedNovember 15, 1944

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