Sunday, April 19, 2015

Apr 19 - Ending to a Wonderful Rally

Wow, what a week or was that 2 weeks. In case you missed it, the 2015 Alfa Rv Casa Grande Rally was a huge success. Our Roadrunner Pre-Rally had many first timers, some of whom were new owners of their Alfas. Final count of roadrunners at the Pre-rally was XX with an additional XX attending the Main Rally. I was amaze at how many Alfa owners hit it big, renewing friendship while making new friends. We had Alfa’s come as far away as Florida and Hawaii. Well the Alfa did not come from Hawaii, but the new members/owners did.

This year’s event included pizza night welcome party, sheriff’s dinner where $140 was raised for the Valley Humane Society, located at 15699 W Aniceto Rd, just north of I-8  on Trekell Road, Pat was a great help in delivering the check. Thanks Pat and all of you Roadrunners who helped.


On April 12th we concluded our chapter dinner where your current officers were re-elected. We requested members to review our By-Laws, which are open for all members to read and make suggestions along with members to review the accounting books.

Susan and I had been tossing around the idea of a photo album for Roadrunner members. This year we enlisted one of our new members into taking/gathering photos. Kathleen Bustamante along with Pat arrived back on the mainland in 2014 from Hawaii and purchased a 2002 Alfa. She jumped right into the fire creating a Photo album which will be posted on the Roadrunners Web site in the future. Susan or I will be sending out an email when she has completed arranging the photos.

During the pre-rally many small events were held including our Pre-rally tech-talk in front of DaGirls Rv. The talks included maintaining your Generac generator, working with the Yahoo Groups by our own Dave Rypma and concluded with an explanation into the working of the battery bank charging system for the layman.

Also during the week Vonis and I were busy inspecting battery banks, solving problems and concluded with me driving one of our member’s coach to Sierra Vista as he was taken ill. I will go into more explanation later as to what I found and help correct.
This week was so busy, I did not take the usual time in capturing photos. But I did get a few:

Annette, Kelly White (new members) talking to Becky Godfrey

Dave Volker & april zvan (new members) enjoying the show

Hal Chase and Jim Godfrey

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