Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Company of Wayne and Kathy

Oops mustn't forget Tungor.
No photos to post yet, but we have been very busy enjoying Wayne and Kathy's company. We spent time on the wildlife loop (no buffalo). Drove thru the park (no buffalo). Went to the Alpine Inn for the Filet Mignon dinner, and then to Mount Rushmore for the evening show. Wonderful time was had by all.

Susan and I did 18 cabins on Saturday, 18 on Sunday with only 9 on Monday. We sent W&K out early as the buffalo report had them over on Iron Mountain road and near the volunteer village area. Well glad to say they got caught in a buffalo jam.  Three herds, yes three. They really enjoyed them walking around, in front, in back of the car. Needless to say this really made their time here.
On Tuesday, 12th we will be heading out to start our journey to Glacier and Yellowstone Parks. First stop is outside of Belle Fourche, SD. Have you ever seen the movie the Cowboy with John Wayne? Well in it they are driving a heard of cattle to ---- where else Belle Fourche.They are way-laid by Bruce Dern and his men. Bruce is the man who killed John in the movie. You should check it out sometime.
We also met Dillon's (young wrangler at the stables) father. His family owns a ranch near the Bad Lands. They made many movies out there, one of which is Thunder Heart. Another great flick.

Anyway, it is 1:15 AM couldn't sleep so came out here to do the CPU stuff and all.

At least Della can sleep.

One thing for sure, it is all about seeing buffalo. This great creature, which was almost extinct, and has now reached populations back into the 10's of thousands in the United States.

Well maybe it is time to try again, so off to bed I go.

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