Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's an Adventure

Heading out 

We arrived in Helena, MT around 3 ish at the Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds.
Coordinates are 46.621919, -112.061897. The CG really needs a lot of attention. But for a night or 2 it will be ok. Susan & I usually seek out these small CG's as they provide us some excitement. Especially in meeting new people.

The 2 pup tents belong to 2 gentlemen from Holland. They started in Calgary, CA. and are bicycling thru the US. One guy is going to Mexico, the other will be flying back once they reach Phoenix, AZ. 

Among the interesting sights is the Cathedral - St Helena.

Dinner was down town at this small restaurant, Bert & Ernie's.  Good food and location in Old Town. Along the route we spotted these 3 (momma and 2 fawn) in a front yard.
Once back home we enjoyed a quite evening relaxing and looking over our route to Kalispell the next day. Caught a few photos ops:

Now remember how I started this post "It's an Adventure", well on Sat. Wayne reported a beeping sound and a voltage reading on his RC7 of 16 Volts, along with Engine Service and ABS light on. But everything went back to normal, this happen twice, but it did not stay on long enough to trouble-shoot.
Well guess what, this morning it happen again, but this time he was ready. He looked at the gauges and reported that his FL volt gauge read up over 16 Volts. Meter in hand we found the alternator went south for the winter (earlier then thought). Being Sunday, most places were closed but with information in hand we had many options:

1) Located a shop that would repair on Monday
2) Call NAPA at 10 am and see if they had one or could order one.
3) Call other shops
4) If we get the part we would replace it.
5) Disconnect the Alternator cable and run the generator until we get to Kalispell, MT.

So right now we are enjoying the views and waiting for NAPA to open. While waiting I am catching up with the blog, writing up changes to my work sheet.
Wayne is catching up on his walking. 

Oh I forgot to mention Wayne's and mine little hike while in Billings (girls were out getting some shopping therapy):
A few photos shots.

View once we reached the top.

 Wayne was spying out the view.
Wayne decided to take a break and did not look very closely.
no worries, just one mad golpher snake....

Just a little Hike up the trail.

Anyway closing for now, 
Safe Journeys and travels ....
from DaGirls Rv.