Sunday, August 3, 2014

What are we up to

So what are we up to?
Today is Sunday, Aug. 3rd. Only 6 days left in our work schedule. Then it is out of here for 3 weeks. Our plan is to hook up with Kathy and Wayne and travel to Montana and Wyoming. So what have we been up to? A few days ago we went to Sitting Bull Caverns. Different than the other caves we have visited, as this is a private cave.

Link to the Caverns

During our time off we enjoyed lunch in Hill City at the Alpine Inn.
Along with Kirk and Pam, camphosts at Shepps Canyon, Angostura

While in Hill City we visited the local museum.

This was the week before Sturgis motorcycle convention.
We have heard the roar of Harleys' thru the park as they travel up and down the roads.
I should really get back to writin up what is going on, but sometimes there really is no change to life here.
Most of the volunteers and seasonal help are really blase about life and where they are going, but not Lance, this is a guy that is always happy to be at work. He shares so much with the people he meets.

Anyway Susan is up and we need to get ready to head out. By the way, if you look at the menu bar top left, you will notice a item "Mods". This is a page under construction which I am working on. Check it out and report back.

Safe Travels and Journeys.