Thursday, August 21, 2014

Time for an Update

We have been having so much fun with K & W, that I have not had time for our blog. I know, I know, everyone wants to know where we are and what we have been up to.
Ok, so where do I start? At the last posting we were in Helena, MT.  Quaint small town, along with fine dining and such. W & K rig was taken care of, didn't need plan "B". Bill came out and between the 3 of us got the alternator changed out within 1.5 hours. Around 12, we were on our way heading to Kalispell, MT. Went over the Continental Divide.

Susan was driving doing great except for the temp got up to 215, she had to down-shift and keep RPM's up to around 2200. Which she doesn't like. It might be time for a radiator pull and a total clean out of it and the charge-air-cooler. We  will wait and see. W had no issues, in fact he was creeping closer to the rig. Zero photos along the way, sorry for that, maybe next time.

Arrived at the Elks in Kalispell, MT and setup up for the night along with dinner. Lovely time and company all around. Next day we took off for Glacier National Park.


Of course this is the best photo "Top of Logan Pass".

Along the way we saw a few creatures but NO MOOSE. Susan really wants to see one.We may have to get off the beaten path (hiking) to locate at least 1.

Did spy this little guy. But no Moose.

K, was doing her photo shoot image any way she could, it worked out.

Along the way up/down we saw a few good chances to take a photo.

Of course I can't leave a shot like this out of content. Notice the hand sign? Must be a new Alfa Gang symbol.

Hope little Wayne doesn't see it. He may want to join the Alfa Gang. Ok, gotta run, and see what photos we got from today's outing up to Whitefish, north of us  by about 15 miles.