Saturday, August 23, 2014

On the Road to Whitehall MT

Well, it happened,  we're finally back on the road and heading to Yellowstone NP. We dumped, fueled up, hooked up and hit the road around 8 am.

Took on board 114 gallons of fuel, (should have gone inside) as it took 3 different CC's, and headed south on US-93, around Flathead Lake.

Once we hit I-90 we came into rain and wet roads, but the rig handled it well

While pulling into a town for lunch, a bunch of these passed us to park.

It seems there are a lot of Corvettes traveling to Bowling Green Kentucky for a big event at the Corvette Musuem. You can check it out by the link below. As we continued to traveled, many more passed by us. We took on fuel again and I asked a lady what was going on and she commented going to Bowling Green

Vettes on the Road to Kentucky 

Of course there is always 1 that will not make it.

We left the Hwy at exit 249 and what we saw made us pull to a stop.  Whoaaaaaaaaaaa DaGirls Rv, Diesel for 3.79 a gal.  Well you know what we did, fueled up. I figured $130 would be enough and sure enough $128 and some changed. So we headed down the road about 1/5 mile and arrived in Whitehall, MT around 4pm. A town that lies next to I-90, but also near the Lewis & Clark Trail. As you travel thru town there are many murals of the L & C trail with words from their log. I walked the 1/2 mile back into town to capture some photos.

The town is small with many businesses doing multi jobs, but the townsfolk are friendly. There is even a small pyramid constructed in the early 1900's to honor their soldiers.

One item of interest are the many old buildings along with the murals.

I even spied this old motel signed by the side of the road. Along with this old Willys Jeep

One of the many comments from our traveling partners is what a way to travel. Taking the back-roads and seeing this beautiful country. Wayne on the other hand is feeling his oats (old time phrase). Seems to be whatever was holding him back has left for better parts of the world, as he drove us to drive 250.4 miles today - slave driver.

Now I am also ticked off, as we passed along the way the "National Bison Range". This site sits next to US 93. Since I can't write anything about it. You will have to read about it HERE 

Anyway, we are dug in for the night (washing a load of clothes) and heading out in the morning to meet up with another Alfa owner down the road for breakfast/lunch.

Safe Travels and Journeys
DaGirls Rv.