Saturday, May 31, 2014

Work Day?

As always we seems to find things to keep us busy, even when we only need to work a few hours on our shift. This has been a very easy assignment, which is very hard to get used to.

Here are a few thing we do in our volunteer position.
Clean the fire pit. I also have been removing and resetting them, so they are on top of the ground instead of buried in the ground.
Cleaning around the cabins. It seems no one cares if combustible material is around or not. But we do, and it looks nice when picked up.
And then we get to see pretty vehicles. 

One of the procedures we follow is that after we complete our work, we drive down to the Park Shop and dump ash, burnt wood and anything we collect. While at the same time scrounging stuff for the sites. Once completed we usually take a drive on the wildlife loop trail or cross over to Lame Johnny Rd.

We never get tired seeing the wildlife in the area. An example on Friday 5/30, we had 5 buffalos wander into the camp for an hour. Then, just as quickly as they came in, off they went back the same way they came in. I did managed to get a few shots but from a distance.
This really makes the campers happy.

Today (Sat.) is the first day without rain this past week. (Sun update - it poured with lots of lightening and thunder late Sat evening.) Custer, SD has been in the path of many rain storms. Sunday it is back to possible showers with showers likely again on Monday. It is almost as bad as Phoenix with Sun all the time.

We also are having fun catching a couple of mice. So far 2 down with maybe one in hiding. So tonight we laid rope lights around the RV with the hopes of not seeing any more (neighbors said lights on all night will keep them away.) Of course, I’ll believe when I see no more mice.

Dana and her cousin along with three children are heading this way around the 10th of June, and staying for 4 days. Susan has been scouting the area for kid friendly attractions. Everything here in the State Park is kid friendly, but keeping the kids busy and out of trouble when the parents are visiting monuments that do not entertain children is another story.

Sent an email to couple of friends along with a collage of photos. Don who still works at Honeywell and Wayne. Wayne and Kathy will officially join the ranks of full-timers around June 9th. That is the day they will be transferring their house to someone else. In other words, they sold their house. Congratulations Wayne and Kathy.

Now only the future knows what big adventures are in store for you, Kathy and Tungor. Hey, I have no photos of youse guys?

So what shall we leave you with?

Hum how about some  Burros? (click to see photos)

Of course we always have our good seal of house-keeping.

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