Friday, May 23, 2014

Final Day

Well training is finally over. Today was the last day. We met the secretary of department of tourism (SD), manager of the Game, Fish and Parks department, along with the VP of the lodges.

 Everything was going well until……well sometimes company’s tell you things that are really not necessary for you to do your job. It did put a few people to sleep. I will not show you a photo of those persons.  But know it wasn't Craig, Dee or Lance.
 They were busy providing the fun and games. 

However, on with the day and our adventures. 

One of the neat things about this job is all the places we got to go. Example, the Crazy Horse Memorial. We were allowed to go out on the arm of the monument. Check out the photos. 

Even Susan and I got into the act. The best way to check out where and what we did is click on the link below.

We hope you enjoy the photos

Safe travels and journeys from
Susan, Della, Tilly and me