Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Road Trip to Deadwood, SD

Monday, was road trip day, so off we went to Deadwood and Sturgis South Dakota.  We opted to take the back road (385) and then come back via Rapid City (79), as show in the photo below:

Once in DW we found more Casino’s then in Cripple Creek, CO. So we made the rounds to see the signs and sounds in the area. Until 1980, DW had a thriving Brothel business, especially on main street.


One thing worth mentioning is the Adams Museum, located next to the train station. The museum was started in the early 1930’s, gathering mementos depicting the  life in the area. 
File:Deadwood birdseye circa 1890s.jpg

Deadwood birdseye circa 1890s

The most notable thing that happened in DW was the killing of Wild Bill Hickok during a game of poker. The building below is possibly where he was killed.

 The city also has a Holiday Inn Resort.  It is built on top of a Slime Plant. I think if I  was Holiday Inn, just maybe I would have chosen a different location, but it does add a certain Savoir-faire flavor to it.  (What exactly is a Slime Plant, anyway?)

As we walked around the town, we were intrigued with the signs in the windows:
Why would anyone want to ship water?
However another more important one, Guys, "When you don't succeed just do it the way your wife told you" in the first place.

To close out the road trip, is a stop in:

If nothing else than to pick up some T-shirts (the bargain ones from 2013).
Sorry Robbie, nothing this time.

So we leave you with more photo shots of the sights in Custer State Park: Can you Guess? 

Safe Travels from Da Girls Rv.