Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Setting up Da Girls Rv

 The first day was spent getting the Da Girls Rv setup. That began by setting up the spare room and garage. One thing about unpacking is you can never remember how to repack it. Camera to the rescue.

This also include a photo of the instructions. And before we new it…………

………..Next came our quality control inspector…

We’re hoping for the Della's Seal of Approval very soon. Hey, lookit before we knew it everything looked to be completed.

Seal of Approval

The final look of our spare room with hammock.

Since the sites tends to be a little high on the entry door side I made a new entry step. The rock on the left is for decoration, I installed 2 vertical corners and sunk them into the ground. The unevenness is an optical illusion. Goal today is get more dirt.

The camper cabins are spread out in the camp. Each one has a different view and overlook valleys and woods. We found out all the cabins are reserved for the Bison roundup.

Early morning I did a scouting trip down one of the dirt roads. The area sports enough trails to keep me busy on my off days.
Locations - 43.719014,-103.480803

Safe Travels and Journeys forSusan, Della, Tilly and me.