Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 2 of On-the-Job

Just in case you see this man, his name is Kevin, and his job is visitor services maintenance supervisor. So for any items needing repairs we contact him.

Next up, Sunday has come and gone and we on our on 3rd day of rotation. High-lite of Sunday was the Pancake breakfast down at the Game Lodge. All proceeds go to a special fund for kids at the 4th of July celebrations.

On our return back to the CG we came around a corner we spied 2 buffalos grazing on the side of the road.  We always bring a camera. The auto focus did not work to well as you can see in the movie we took, but you get the picture or should I say video.

Once back in camp we proceeded to perform our duties with much vigor. The day was beautiful (best one yet) and we were done with our cabins, but didn't want to spend time indoors, so now what do we do? Well it’s off in the truck for a jaunt around the park.  We dropped off ashes and logs, fueled the vehicle and more.  We did come upon a herd of buffalo off in the distance.  While we watched 2 of them took off on a run away from the rest of the herd. Believe me, when they say buffalo can run fast, they really mean it. These two covered a lot of distance in a short time. It was a shame that the camera would not pick them up.

So Sunday came and went and next thing it is Monday morning, when I spied this critter just walking by the rig. I had just a few minutes to capture a few shots, do hope they come out ok.

So why did the turkey cross the road?.........................................
Why, to get to the other side, of course!

Anyway spend a few minutes checking out the photos, along with the video, come back often and check out the site as we keep updating the blog.

Custer State Park May 18 & 19th.

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