Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sight Seeing in and Around Custer

It’s been a few days since we have posted, so we better get back to work. With our discount/free pass to many of the area attractions,  we have been busy seeing the sights.
On Monday we were in Box Elder to visit the South Dakota Air and Space Museum. The museum has over 50 planes and missiles on display outside (Some of which my father had a hand on. Like F-86 Saber, F-101 Voodoo.)
 Included in the tour is a training Minuteman II Missile Silo.
This is the only training facility left in this part of the country and really it is used only for tours as seen by the evidence as we walked around and inside.

Next on the list was a trip to Sam’s Club and Penney’s to look for brown (chocolate) pants. Have you ever needed equipment for your job and just about no one carried it?

Another tour we took was into the Jewel Caves (Caverns) located west of Custer City.

 I've include a link ( Jewels Cave ) to Wikipedia about the caves. We learned that only about 5% of the cave has been explored. 3 tours are offered to the public, Discovery (20 minutes), Scenic (1.5 Hrs) and a Lantern tour.

There is also 1 other tour which can last 4 hours, this is an actual caving tour, where you need to walk and crawl thru various small openings. To qualify for this tour you must be able to squeeze thru an opening of 21” x 8.5”.

 I made it, and also made a new work T-shirt (hole).

After leaving the Caves we stopped at the Four-Mile-Old-West-Town outside of Custer City. This was a stage coach stop along with where General Custer stopped on his way to the Bad-Lands. Link to the Web Site ( Four-Mile-Old-West-Town ).

It consists of 50 buildings showing what life was all about in the area. Lots of history, but it is not for very young children, as it is mainly walking around. It is a shame as many of the items and buildings are in a state of disrepair and getting worse.

And, of course, what would our post be without one of Custer’s State Park Poster Animal’s.

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We have included Links to the Various Photos we have taken.

Air and Space Museum 

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