Friday, May 9, 2014

The first few days have come and gone here in our site. Including a snow day (May 8th). Total on ground was about 2 inches at anyone time.

Della seem to say, its ok, but she would rather have green grass to lay on.
The day was spent checking around the area and seeing what was happening.  Except for the stables everything was a little slow. 
Rich is up from New Mexico, he and his wife are some of the cowhands/horse-hands working the stables. 
He and Crystal own a ranch north of Santa Fe, but came up here for the season. Susan & I have been invited out for a ride.  The biggest news was the sighting of a Mountain Lion, which came walking thru the campground early in the morning. I missed seeing it by about 30 minutes.

Did catch a  little action in the corral though.

See that pony in the back-ground? Well that little guy has a lot of spunk. That little pony will not let any other horse keep him from his food.
I spent a little time out in the woods taking a hike. The area is filled with trails. 

Trying to catch a few shots of the animal life around here will be a challenge.

One thing I noticed are the various private cabins in the area, most of which were here before the area became a state park. For each cabin I have located - there is an Out-House close by, even if there is running water. 
Anyway time get some breakfast for Della, as she is sitting next to me while writing this 

I'll leave you with the sign posted outside the stables - think you'll get a kick out of it.

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