Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the Final Leg to Custer State Park

Da Girls Rv arrived at the Elks Mountain Campground inside Wind Cave National Park, just south of Custer SP around noon on 4th of May after leaving Pioneer City Park located in Torrington, WY.  Pioneer City park  is/was a very nice city park with about a dozen sites. We tend to seek out these small parks as they usually turn out to be quaint. The cost is now $10 per night. This includes water and 30 amp power. There is also a dump station. Unfortunately we were unable to pay for the night as the Iron Maiden was damaged and we were unable to leave the money.  We didn't disconnect the car and hoped that someone would stop by to collect.  I think I'll put the money in an envelop and send to the city....

The sites are not to bad and allow for pull thru or back in. The ground is sandy and firm. Since we were by ourselves we opted to park a little differently...sideways.

We decided to take a little walk around the neighborhood and observed that this is one of those towns that developed during the cattle days.

The town seemed close up around 1 pm in the afternoon on Saturday, and quite a few people go down to the park for meet and greet or go fishing in the river that runs by the park. In the evening, it is mostly young people at the basketball courts. We enjoy our time here but when we woke up, we realized it was time to say goodbye and head out toward Custer State Park.

We arrived at Wind Cave National Park around 12ish.  It took us a little time to find a site suitable for Da Girls Rv. But with a few blocks under both passenger side tires and levelers we managed to get it done.  As a National park the rate is $18 per night (no electric or dump-station, but the park has many water stations).  $9 with our America the Beautiful pass (we just love being 62+). We also met the Law Enforcement Ranger. Guess what?? He moved to SD 4 years ago from Organ Pipe National Forest (Arizona). Not only that, but he is from Maine, just a few miles south of where I worked many years ago. Small world, isn't it.

After an hour of getting things done and lunch I took off of a short walk and captured a few shots of the rig and the area.

The point of the above photos is to show that Della approved of this location.

I think I am going to start a new category called Della’s Seal of Approval.
This site got "Della's Seal of Approval"!

Dale, Susan, Della & Tilly