Monday, July 28, 2014

Report From Sunday

Susan and I met up with Kirk and Pam Wood down in Shepps Canyon Recreation Area Angostura Recreation area. Wonderful couple and holder of lots of good information and stories to tell. When you learn of forum members in the area, we recommend that you stop and spend time with them. You will be made to feel welcome by the friendliness of them.

I like Kirk and Pam’s motto, never go back to the same place twice to volunteer. Why? Because each time you return and see the same people and same places, you will not be as excited as the first time and if you continue to go back, then it becomes a job and not a fun time. This is what I see here in Custer State Pk. It is the same folks coming back time and time again. It has become a job to them and the joy and excitement has worn off. If the excitement has worn off, then how can you be excited to meet new friends. In my opinion because of this, there is no team work, it is all about belonging to the “Click”.

Which is a shame because that really presents a no team work attitude among the older people. Especially among the seasonal “Paid” folks. Now the college seasonal – well that is different story. They love to get together and share stories, pizza and fire rings. Their exuberance for learning experience is still there along with the excitement for life.

Ok, what’s the special for today –

Check it out, as it seems we are now in the Buffalo rutting season. On our way south, we spied a herd of them off of CSP 5, ZOOMMMM off we went. This is what we spied.

Safe Travels and Joourneys from
Dale, Susan, "Della & Tilly"