Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monarch–Hydraulic System in the Alfa

Ok, let’s talk Hydraulics

Recently a member, developed an issues with their system. As they were leveling the pump continued to run and then smoke developed. Once system was shut down, we developed a plan to determine what happen and how serious.

Ray determine that the motor had shorted out.
I explained the system was design and build by Monarch Hydraulics. System and is identified as Dyan-Jack M-3538.

We discuss the various options, including surplus. Ray, calle and was told prices from $1600 to $2500, for repair / replacement. I then explained about a hydraulic supply house I have used in the past. After several calls, Ray located Hydraulic Controls, in Phx., Az.

Hydraulic-Controls Link

Ray, removed the assembly, which is held in by 2 bolts. I recommend going to a supply house and purchasing plugs and caps for the hoses and valves. This should be done to keep dirt out and reduce loss of fluid.

Once the unit was dropped off, the service tech, explained that the top 2 bolts could have been removed and just the motor removed, however during the repair, he noted a bearing going bad on the pump.

All in all Ray’s experience was very pleasant. Total cost of the work was less than $400.

Next was the reason why, the pump continued to run. Ray deduce that the solenoid may be bad. So what he did was locate a source for the Trombetta solenoid and ordered from Amazon.