Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day in the Life of Rv’ers at the Beach

I would post photos but that would really show you what Rv’ers do while parked at the beach.

So all I can you is tell you a few things:

1), install new lights

2), lay on the beach

3), shop in town

4), sit in chairs on the beach

5), make new flag pole holder

6), relax on the beach

7), go kaykaking in the bay

8), enjoy the beach

9), work on coach

10), sit in front of rig on the beach

11), make new tire covers for the Rv

12), place chairs on the beach

13), have a pedicure while on the beach

14), clean Rv

15), cook funny food

16), enjoy many happy hours

17), watch the sun come up

18), watch the sun go down

19), Grow Sun-Flowers on the beach

20), enjoy the many walks on the beach

21), meet many new people on the beach

Need I say or post anymore ?