Saturday, January 21, 2017

What ?

Do you realize it has been weeks since posting. Wow, time flies when you are back on the road enjoying life and having fun.

So, where have we landed?

The Big “Q”, Boon-docking capital of the world, Dry-Camping at it finest. People of all ages, Rigs of all types. From tents to Million dollar ones. All come to Quartzsite to get away from it all. And where did DaGirls II Land / Right – south of Quartzsite.

Quartzsite turnoff Hwy 95, La Posa North
N 33.636487, W114.193089     N33° 38' 11.40", W114° .25"
Quartzsite ALFA Roadrunners site

N 33.637853, W114.193027     N33° 38' 16.27", W114° 11' 34.90"

LaPosa North Long Term Visitors Area. Where for $40, gets you 2 weeks, all the water, dump as many times as you want, but more importantly – Garbage dumping. Yes, getting rid of your garbage is not so easy when dry-camping. You just can’t go to any place and dump it.

So, I thought I would let everyone know we are all safe and sound,, enjoying the company of friends in Quartzsite at the annual Roadrunner Rally in the desert..

Photos from last year rally

2016 Roadrunner Aerial 

DaGirls II setup and ready to entertain

More news and photos to to come.

Morning rising, Alfa's slowing awaking from there somber sleep

Well, I guess photos and signature are the next items to work on.